What is the Leadership Training Institute?

The Leadership Training Institute is a program for high school students that helps develop leadership skills. Throughout our 12-week program, our students implement what they learn as they work to create their own sustainable community service project.

Why LTI?

LTI is a community of high school and college students who want to better themselves and the world around them. Through our pay-it-forward method, and mentoring program, we achieve this goal one step at a time.

Who are we looking for?

We want students who are interested in learning lifelong leadership skills and making an impact on their community. Our students come from varying backgrounds of leadership experience and different genders, races, and ethnicities.

How can I join?

We are looking for MIT students who are interested in giving back by helping high school students build confidence, critical thinking, and leadership skills.



From our supporters:

Encoders for Engineers

Leadership is about taking the time to help advance people around you. Whether it is in class, during extracurricular activities or outside of education. MIT students learn from the engineering experts, everything from a rotary encoder to linear slides.